About Us

  • Note: Currently all classes are virtual (NO DRIVING)

    Why Take Driver ED with Ivy League All of our classroom teachers are State Certified instructors.

    Ivy League Driver ED will offer a number of different days and times for their program which should be able to fit into almost any busy student's calendar. All Classes are done in 3 hour blocks (1.5 hours of driving and 1.5 hours of lecture) over a period of 16 days for each semester. We have 3 semesters: Fall, spring and summer with a variety of options.

    We want your experience to be a positive one with our program and offer you the option to be in the same car as your friends. As long as you sign up at the same time and there is still room in a car we will try to put you in with your friends. There is never a guarantee you will be in the same car but we make every effort to accommodate your requests.

Any questions? Please call 631-260-5336 During Mon - Fri, 9:30am - 1:30pm