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Why Take Driver ED with Ivy League

Ivy League Drivers Education brings you one of the best driving curriculums in New York State. Our driving school features state certified instructors who ensure a complete & comprehensive understanding of the rules of the road. We take the time to make sure that you are well prepared for your road test. Ivy League Drivers Education is dedicated to making sure you receive the most out of your driver education.

Ivy League Drivers Education offers a flexible schedule with many dates and times to choose from. So, no matter your busy schedule, Ivy League Drivers Education makes it easy and convenient. If you are looking to be on the road during the winter, spring, summer or fall, we've got you covered! We have 3 semesters:

  • • Fall, spring, and summer with a variety of options.
  • • All Classes are done in 1.5-hour blocks over a period of 16 days per semester.
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