• Overall, I think this course really eased my anxiousness about driving, from making a left turn to sharing the road with other drivers, and I am ready to get my license and be able to drive myself to work, instead of having to walk a mile
    Julia C

    My teacher Ms. Slomin has been amazing and super helpful. She answers any questions anyone has and never leaves us wondering about the lesson.
    Eric V

    I personally am a very nervous driver and by taking this class a huge weight was taken off my shoulders and driving has become something I do not stress over anymore.
    Ella L

    Hi Mr. Vernile!
    Attached is a file with all my vocabulary from this course, and my final exam! Thank you so much for providing all of these opportunities for me to educate myself, I feel that I have truly learned a lot from you, and the appreciation that I owe you is immeasurable!
    Thank you!!!

    Hi, How are you?
    I Just took my road test today and wanted to let you know I did pass! I'm so excited and I'm so glad I was in your class because I did learn a lot about safe driving. And I will try to be as safe as I can when I get onto the road.
    Thank you.
    Gia Cellucci

    Hi Mr. V,
    I loved having you as a teacher and I will make sure to use everything you taught me on the road! I will also make sure my sisters will take your class when they take drivers ed as well.
    Thank you so much for everything!
    Mia Sullivan

    Note to Mr V.
    I walked into driver's ed thinking it was gonna be the same old things I've been told my whole life and a waste of time. Honestly it was a very enjoyable experience and I really learned a lot of new things. I always assumed it was acceptable to do certain things in the car like, eat, or talk on the phone, and I never thought too many kids in the car would be a problem because I watch other people do it all the time. After watching all the videos and learning about the reality of the risks in doing those things, I'm very aware of the dangers of driving distracted and what that means. All my friends told me they hated driver ed and it was boring, but your interactions with us were always hilarious and made the time go by quickly. I genuinely had a lot of fun in your class. Thanks for having me.
    'The lifeguard' Hunter Micic.

    Hi Mr. V,
    Thank you for a fun and memorable Driver's Edexperience. All my friends who take Driver's Ed through the school alwayscomplain about how boring it is, but you made this class very enjoyable. Iloved your jokes and how you kept us engaged with videos and guest speakers.
    I've attached my vocabulary and final below.
    Thank you so much
    Ethan Hsu

    Thanks so much, Mr. V!
    I had a really great time in the class, thanks for making it such an enjoyableexperience and being a good teacher. I will totally recommend your class to allmy friends.
    -Esme :)

    Hi Mr. Vernilethis is William Wood from your Driver's Ed Class (Black).
    I attached theVocabulary and Final as PDF Documents below. If there are any issues accessingthese documents, please let me know. I just wanted to say thank you for makingthese classes very fun and interesting. I truly enjoyed attending Driver's Ed,so much so that I recommended this class to a couple friends of mine. I hopeyou have a great rest of your week. Thank you!
    William Wood

    Good Afternoon,
    I am a parent of one of Mr. Vernile's Driver's Ed students, Vito (Vittorio Vetere). I write in praise of Mr. Vernile, as the course is now coming to a close.
    My son has spoke often about how much he enjoys the course and Mr. Vernile's way of teaching. My son has complimented only one or two teachers in his life, so it warms my heart to hear he has been reached by a teacher.
    It sounds as though Mr. Vernile is very engaging, informative, creative and humorous, balanced with firm expectations. To be able to hold his student audience so well on the notoriously dry, yet so important, topic of classroom Driver's Ed is commendable. To do do in REMOTE VIDEO FORMAT is EXTRAORDINARY.
    My son has very much enjoyed the course and now cares more about, and knows more about, road and driving safety because of Mr. Vernile. Believe me, holding my son's attention is no small feat!
    A gifted teacher is rare, but I believe Mr. Vernile has the gift. Kudos to Ivy League for having him on its faculty!
    Thank you.
    Laureen Mannino

    Dear Mr. Vernile,
    First off let me thank you for being an amazing teacher that will be unforgettable. I was able to learn so much through your teaching. Thank you for making driver's ed a fun place to look forward to everyone Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can't wait to email you with my grade on my driver's test. Here is the link to my final. and Here is the link to my vocab. Thank you again for being such an amazing teacher. I'm sorry that this was late by a couple hours I'm in Boston for a volleyball tournament so I was trying to do it as fast as I could, thank you.
    Joe Luft

    Thank you so much for everything, I loved taking your class. You made something I thought was going to be dreadful entertaining.
    -Nathan Smith

    Thank you so so much ! I cannot thank you enough and want to thank you in advance for leading such a great class and so happy i got to be taught and will be graduated by you.
    Irene Cacace

    Thank you so much Mr. V.
    I learned so much from you and I can't thank you enough I recommended you to all my friends and younger family members.
    I wish you the best!

    Thank you for being a great teacher, I looked forward to your class every week and enjoyed my time.
    -Alessia Rosenthal

    It has truly been a privilege and an honor to be in your class. I learned so much and I wish you only the best in the future. You're the man!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the homework credits! Gonna miss you and you flaming drunk and distracted drivers.
    Rachel Weber

    Thank you for the couple month together. You said in the beginning of the class these couple months will go by fast. You were right they did go by so fast with all the information you provided with us. Personal you're a better teacher then half of my real teachers in school. If you ever need a guest speaker, please let me know I will be happy to help anytime you need me. Thank you
    -Raj Patel

    Hi Mr. Vernile,
    I have attached my final exam essay and vocabulary to this email. I would like to thank you for teaching this class, and I feel that I learned a lot more than I initially thought I would. I really appreciate how you made the class engaging and enjoyable to be in.
    Thank you, Michael Pignatelli

    Thank you so much for everything.
    This class was great and enjoyable. It's taught me things that I actually use on the road and it was all around amazing. You made the classes fun as well which was great. Have a great rest of your weekend and I will definitely recommend this class. Thank you!
    Michael Malikouzakis

    Hey Mr. V this is TJ,
    I was one of your students from the fall of 2021 and I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've done for me, I'm now a fully licensed driver and am getting ready to finish registering my car. Thank you for helping me so much throughout the 2 months that I had you as a teacher. I hope everything is going well for you at home. And I hope you have an amazing New Years!
    Sincerely, TJ

    Hi Mr. V,
    this is my final for the class. I am so sad that this class is over because I really enjoyed it and you were the best teacher!!! Thank you so much!! I already recommended it to so many people! Have a great new year!!
    Kerry Cohen

    Thanks for everything Mr. V!
    I really appreciate it, your class really taught me a lot and I am grateful for the time and energy you dedicated to myself and our class. I appreciate it all and wish you the best of luck and fortune with whatever your future holds.
    Jameson D'Amic

    Thanks so Much Mr.V!
    Really enjoyed the class. You made it entertaining. I was always excited to join class and will recommend it.
    Loris van Vlodrop

    Hi Mr.V!
    I just wanted to say thank you for teaching your class, I got to learn valuable lessons about driving which I hadn't known before.
    Thanks Again!
    Amelia Robinson

    Mr. V.,
    Thank you so much for this drivers ed class! I learned a lot about safety on the road and will carry what I was taught into when I drive and when my friends drive. I recommended many of my friends to your course who are looking for drivers ed!
    Thank you,
    Arianna Brown

    Mr. V.,
    I wanted to thank you for this experience. I learned so much and enjoyed it. I am a better, more aware driver.
    Thank you,
    Isabella Winstanley

    Mr. V.,
    Thank you so much I learned a lot in your class I really appreciate everything you've done.
    You're a really great teacher and person !!
    Gwen Fawess

    Mr. V.,
    I wanted to thank you for the class as I enjoyed learning from you! I am going to miss going to class on Friday's and Sunday's.
    Thanks so much for the class and I hope that future classes enjoy this class as much as I did!!
    From Ryan O'Shaughnessy

    Mr. V.,
    I emailed you a few days ago and I don't know if you got it or not. Here is my final exam... Thank you so much for making this course interesting and well worth taking. You are the funniest teacher I have ever had!
    I will miss you and your class.
    Sofia Sinisky

    Mr. V.,
    I hope this email finds you well. Attached you will find my information and a PDF of my Drivers Ed Finale. I wanted to take this moment to thank you for everything these past couple of weeks. Many view Drivers Ed as a dreary governmental requirement which brings nothing but misery to them, but your classes were incredibly entertaining and informative. I couldn't think of a class where I did not have a laugh. The Drivers Ed teachers at my school and around me are not like that, they're mundane personalities with little to no desire to teach. I think your passion in the subjects you taught us truly made us become better drivers than we were before. I can only imagine what you were like as a history teacher in Brooklyn. I hope that you keep up your enthusiasm and passion as long as you can. We really need that these days, especially with everything going on around us ;).
    Thank you for everything you've done for us these last few weeks. We will definitely be in touch!
    Warmest regards,
    Vlad Gaberman

    Dear Mr.Vernile
    I just wanted to thank you for being such a great teacher. I really enjoyed your class, and you made everything super interesting. I learned so much from being there, and I've actually had to teach my parents some of the things we talked about.
    Grace Chambers

    Dear Mr.V,
    I passed my road test this afternoon! Thank you so much for teaching me everything I needed to know to get my license. I always brag to my friends about how awesome my drivers ed instructor was (they don't like their's lol).
    The road test now releases results on an online portal so unfortunately I couldn't take a selfie with my receipt but I took a picture with the temporary license!
    Thanks again.
    Sophie Klein

    Hi Mr.V,
    I'm Ryan Rudes, from your Saturday Sunday 3rd period class (6:00-7:30pm). I've attached my final essay. Thanks for a great drivers ed this summer; you made what I had previously dreaded turn out to be a surprisingly very fun experience.
    I particularly enjoyed how you structured the class with a lot of visual examples (news articles, documentaries, etc.) to accompany all the main terms we had to learn throughout the class.
    Thanks again,
    Ryan Rudes

    To Mr.V,
    First of all thanks for being such a great driver's ed teacher. I really enjoyed coming to your class. I came into driver's ed with very low expectations and came out of it being really fascinated by driving and the road. Hope to keep in touch. Now here's all the information you needed.
    Ryan Smith

    Here is my final Mr. V. Thank you for everything this summer. I really did learn a lot and really enjoyed your class. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. I hope you're doing well.
    Taylor Trentowski

    Dear Mr.V,
    Below is the attachment of my final exam. I just wanted to thank you for a very informative drivers ed class and for all that you have done to teach us. I truly enjoyed my time learning with you and from someone who has had poor instructors for driving courses, you truly did a great job and I have already started recommending you to underclassmen at my school.
    Best and Thank you,
    Alina Shats

    Thank you so much for teaching the driver's Ed class even under awkward circumstances regarding the pandemic. I'll never forget the lessons I learned in your class as well as the incredible roasts you delivered to just about all of the people in the classes. Have a good summer Mr. V and I'll be in touch when I take my road test as well as thereafter. Stay safe and be well.
    Alex Colletti

    I wanted to say thank you for being an amazing drivers ed teacher. I originally thought that this would be just a necessary course that was not meaningful, but you made it interesting and informative to the point where I actually enjoyed it and it left an impact on me. I also know that all of my friends who've had you as their Drivers Ed instructor feel the same. Again, thank you so much :)
    Victoria DeNoto

    Thank you so much! I had an amazing experience Will 100% recommend class to my friends! I couldn't have asked for a better teacher! My mom and I were wondering if you did private driving lessons for a few times before my test?
    Kathryn Taber

    In such an unconventional year Ivy League made the best of the situation. Their communication through emails, texts, and the online portal was easy and clear. My teacher Mr. Vernile and the staff would always promptly answer any questions I would send through emails. They made the whole experience stress-free on our hands and were very accommodating. Mr. Vernile was the best teacher I could have ever asked for. He made learning over zoom so enjoyable and interesting. The dynamic learning environment, from Showing videos to offering rewards for participation, made me want to go to class time after time. He holds you accountable, pushes you to do your work, and makes sure you are well versed and ready to be on the road. Even though he wasn't able to teach us in the traditional setting or even in the car itself, I feel more prepared to be on the road than ever before. I feel safer and I am more knowledgeable about what to look for on the road. I'm excited to start driving knowing I have his expertise as my foundation.
    Ariana McGuinness

    Hi Mr V. I just wanted to say thank you so much for a great class. You made every class so fun! I will definitely miss you. Thank you again for everything
    Abbi Savage

    Hi Mr. V!! thank you so much for a wonderful class! I learned so much and will definitely be using it all on the road. I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to help us all become better drivers!! Have a nice day!!
    Nur Yucel

    It has been a pleasure to be in your class, thank you for teaching us. It has definitely changed my view on driving.
    Jason Komarovskiy

    Thanks for being such an amazing teacher, I've enjoyed each and every class we've had and can not express enough how much I appreciate you.
    Thank you,
    Liam Cummings

    I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have taught me for the last 2 months. I am a better driver now because of your class and will always remember to make good driving decisions based on your influence! Thanks again and stay safe and healthy!
    Juliana Chillemi

    Thank you for being an awesome teacher, I always looked forward to your class!
    Evan Lock

    Hi Mr. V,
    At the end of the day I really enjoyed this class and I am gonna miss it not having to do it on Monday and Wednesday, I really liked how you taught the class, very well and informational, you were honest and nice and fair about everything, at the end of the day I wanted to say thank you so much for doing your day and I appreciate everything you do. thank you sir for everything.
    Thomas Boody

    Hi Mr. V,
    This is the testimonial I have written for you:
    "Taking driver's ed with Mr. V was an overall great experience. Mr. V had a way of keeping the atmosphere of the class light and fun while teaching us the responsibility of driving and being on the road. I feel that by taking this class, I've gained an understanding of the road that cannot be gained just through driving. Even in a remote setting, Mr. V taught us important lessons and shared stories that I carry with me every time I get behind the wheel of my car. I would recommend driver's ed to every new and every experienced driver, and I would especially recommend that people take it with Mr. V.
    -Kirby Davidson"
    Thank you again for everything! Also, I passed my road test today! Have a great summer Mr. V
    Kirby Davidson

  • Mr.V,
    I want to say that I had an amazing time with you during these past 2 months. I'm happy that I learned a lot but also had such a funny teacher that connects with his students. You taught me a lot. I appreciate you. I will make sure to recommend this class to kids that have drivers Ed coming up.
    All the best,

    Dear Mr. V,
    Just wanted to thank you so much for everything you taught me in this class. You were an awesome teacher; I will definitely make sure to tell all my friends about this course! And I look forward to utilizing all the things I learned soon. Hope you have a great year! Thank you again.
    ~Katelyn Giordano

    Thanks so much Mr. V. It was great having you as the class and I have already recommended you to two friends that I think will be taking the next session.
    Kyle Wortman

    Hi Mr. Vernile!
    I hope all is well and that your Drivers Ed classes are going great. I wanted to email you to tell you that I passed my road test on my first try!! Here's a picture. Thank you for being a great Drivers Ed teacher! I miss you!
    Naomi Cichanowicz

    Hey Mr. V,
    Thanks for keeping us entertained, and in the process, attentive during drivers ed. When I get my EMT license I'll reach out if I have any stories about people following ambulances to travel quickly(I remember we briefly talked about that). I am attaching my final and am confident I have all my work completed, of course I'll promptly respond and handle it if I am mistaken.
    Isaar Chadha

    Hi Mr. V,
    Firstly, I just wanted to say how amazing your class was, how much fun it was, and the amount of vital information I was able to learn in it. Below is my Final Exam and the information you asked to be with it.
    Ben Barth

    Thank you Mr V for a very informative year I loved the class and the way you taught and just wanted to say thanks and I definitely will be recommending this class to my friends
    Have a great rest of summer
    Sarah Morawski

    Dear Mr. Vernile,
    I wanted to thank you (and your guest speaker from yesterday) regarding the anti-texting lesson. That's something I've struggled getting through to Patrick. While I am religious about never texting and driving, Patrick's dad does it all the time and Patrick would tell me things like "it's ok as long as it's quick..." After yesterday's guest speaker, Patrick came up to me and told me he changed his mind. He now knows it's never ok. It's such a relief to me.
    Thanks again!

    Hi Mr. V,
    Hope you are doing good. Thank you for all your advice and help throughout the class. I am happy to say I passed my driver's test today, and no points were taken off!! Thank you for helping me achieve a perfect score and hope you have a great summer.
    Luke Sanchez

    Thank you for being a great teacher! I really enjoyed every class and your style of teaching. Have a great summer!
    Marina Gustavson

    Hi Mr. V,
    I hope you enjoy your summer. I really enjoyed your class and you even helped me become friends with Jake Zaffuto. At first, I was a little intimidated by you, but I would never want another driver's Ed teacher. Thank you for all of the laughs, roasts, and hilarious stories. I will 100% be recommending this class to my friends. You are one of my all time favorite teachers. I'll be sure to send you a picture when I pass my road test!
    Naomi Cichanowicz

    Hi Mr. V,
    I just wanted to thank you for making Driver's Ed such a great experience, you really made every class so interesting and enjoyable!
    Victoria Grosskopf

    Just also wanted to say thank you for such a great class. I'm genuinely going to miss it, i learned so much and you always made me laugh. Ill never forget to look behind me while I'm driving now! Once again thank you so much :)
    Amy Rasmussen

    Thank you for having me in your class. I had fun learning how to drive, and the dangers of the road. You were the best teacher I have ever had! Thank you so much, and I hope that you have a nice rest of the year!
    Madalyn York

    Thank you so much Mr.Vernile, I loved your class! I will absolutely be recommending the class to my friends! I will remember everything you taught me and I will drive safe!
    Matt Montalvo

    Thank you for a wonderful course of Drivers Ed, I loved having you as a teacher and I can't wait to pass my drivers test because you taught me so well! Thank you again for everything!
    -Victoria Justincic

    Hi Mr. Vernile,
    Attached is my final exam. You're an awesome teacher and I learned a lot in your class.
    Timothy Ross

    Ivy league Drivers Ed provided me an amazing environment to learn about the rules of the road and driving safely. Most teens dread drivers ed and it's long lectures, which I thought would be my case, but to my surprise Ivy League was such a great experience and I absolutely loved it. Ivy League does a fantastic job keeping you in the loop and providing you with all the recourses you need, including great teachers like mine, Mr.Vernile. Everything was easily accessible, homework was an easy task but still taught important lessons, there were many guest speakers to share stories, and the classes taught you everything you needed to know for your road test and to keep you safe for driving in the future. My teacher also made class a fun, lively, and enjoyable experience for everyone, and did a great job teaching and encouraging us to be amazing drivers with good morals. While I had the best time in an environment where I felt comfortable and bonded with my teacher and the others students, I am also grateful that I found Ivy League because it taught me so many important lessons about life and driving. After drivers Ed with Ivy League I felt more prepared than ever to take my road test and to drive in general, and I'd take the class again if I could!
    Maia DeLeon

    Mr.Vernile thank you so much for everything you are a great teacher and learned so much in your class.
    ok thank you very much it was a pleasure to have u as a teacher
    Thank you, I enjoyed your class!
    -Gabriella (Bella) Salvia

    Thank you so much! I'm so sorry for all the trouble I really am. It's been a true pleasure being in your class, thank you all of the information that you have taught me that will help me to become a better driver.
    Matthew Fehn

    Hey Mr. V I took my road test today and I passed! I just wanted to say thank you for all the tips in class and I'm going to miss the class but thank you for everything you definitely helped a lot!.
    Thank You,
    Marcus Fasano

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